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Contractor Software on your Smartphone

Run your entire office from your Smartphone. Schedule Staff, Track Projects and Upload Files from the job site, a parking lot or at home.
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"With my smartphone, I have my whole office with me."
Eric Kelly, Kelly Contracting

"Sergeant Schedule saves me so much Time."
Brian Williams, Williams General Contractors

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  Team Calendar
Sergeant Schedule is the best way to organize your clients, projects and staff in one location. On your smartphone screen you can access your entire staff's calendar, reschedule and move them around to new assignments, everything a click away.
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In the palm of your hand, access service info, notes, attachments and schematics, upload pictures and map drawings. From the moment you add a client or project, all info is easily added to one place.
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Scheduling from a Smartphone
Watch with speed and simplicity, you can schedule 5 staffers in under 40 seconds. We have spent months perfecting the ease of this screen.






Map Drawing
At your finger tips, draw your outside work or notes directly on the job site. Share the map with co-workers or clients. Our markers and colors are custom tailored for your industry.
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