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Call or email our Support Staff Monday thru Friday between 9am and 9pm(EST).        (215) 593-7010
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  Frequently Asked Support Questions
Below is a list of some common questions people have for our support staff about Sergeant Schedule App...

  Q. How do I reset my password?  
  A. You can reset your password here. Also a manager in your company can reset your password. Ask them to login and navigate to Settings → Users. You can also contact our Support Staff by calling (215) 593-7010.  
  Q. Which Browser should I use?  
  A. We only support the Chrome and Safari browsers. Please contact us at (215) 593-7010 if your having an issue.  
  Q. Are there tutorials to learn more about using the software?  
  A. Absolutely. Goto Settings → Tutorials when logged into the Sergeant Schedule application.  
  Q. How large of a file can I upload?  
  A. We currently have a 20 MB limit on file uploads to the system. If you had an issue uploading a file larger then 20 MB, please contact our support staff using the info or form above and we can work around this.  
  Q. What type of device does this work on?  
  A. Any device that connects to the internet is the simplest answer. Our software is in the cloud. All you need is a Chrome or Safari browser and an internet connection. So all of the smartphones that your employees already have in their pocket will work right now. Learn More